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8 Things Every Dancer Has On Their Bucket List

We all have wishes to fulfill some for ourselves and some for others. Bucket list is that wish in existence. Some wish for a world tour, some for small things. Bucket list have things which you want to fulfill before you die, at any cost. Whatever you want to do, whatever you ever wished for, but maybe didn't get a chance or perhaps didn't have the courage to do, ends up on your bucket list.

I got thinking what will be the bucket list for dancers. What all it might contain, so I asked around few dancers and below is a curated bucket ‘from dancers to dancers’.

To Choreograph Favorite Bollywood Stars

It is a dream come true for anyone to meet their favorite stars. Choreographing them will be a cherry on top. Teaching and inspiring your favourite stars is definitely on top of the list. Imagine, making Hrithik Roshan breakdance to your counts or Deepika Padukone sway to your tunes!

Performing on an International Platform

What an exhilarating feeling it is to perform and make your country proud in front of other countries. It is a dream for many dancers to perform on an international stage. That grand welcome, roaring applause, wonderful accolades and a lifetime of memory.

Performing on the same stage with your Guru/ Teacher

It might be possible for a western dancer to perform on stage with their choreographers and teachers but for classical dancers it is nothing but a dream come true. A classical dancer values their guru more than anything. To reach upto that level, to perfom alongside their guru is one of the top most items on their bucket list.

To Choreograph for an event that impacts lives

Dance impacts lives more than we can even think about. A dancer I know has this on top of her bucket list. She wants dance to reach upto a level that it cures people around it. Have you heard of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)? Choreographing for an event that changes and impacts the audience so much that they think about it for years to come, is one item dancers have on their bucket list.

Choreograph Internationally

Impacting people through your dance is as important as recognizing a name for yourself and your country. This point can somehow be a sub point for performing internationally but performing and choreographing are two very different things. International dancers have a very different body compared to Indian dancers, not just because of the years of training but also genetically. For a choreographer to envision movement through that body structure is a different ball game.

Performing Solo

Mostly dancers perform in a group. That close-knit group which performs everywhere together, somehow ends up being together always. There is nothing wrong in performing in a group but the feeling of performing center stage all alone when all lights only fall on you, every eye on you cherishing your movements is what a dancer has thought of at least once. So why not put it in your bucket list and actually achieve it.

Perform in Kathak Mahotsav

Kathak dancers can relate to it on a very personal level. Kathak Mahotsav is the most prestigious annual Kathak dance program in India. To perform here means to have achieved excellence in classical dancing. Performing here is the first thing in mind of any Kathak dancer after receiving his/her degree, or perhaps diploma.

Perform all over India

Before going international, performing all over India is a dream every dancer sees. Performing in each and every state adds to the dancer’s growth, at the same time thrills the audiences. It is special to take your talent to unknown or lesser known areas and spread the joy of dancing.

To Teach the essence of Dance

Being a dancer is not just dancing, it is to bring happiness in other’s lives. People come to watch dance to forget about their pain. What would be greater than passing it down to the future generations. Teaching people the real essence and spirit of dancing is on the bucket list of many. Many people have a misconception about different dance forms. Being a dancer it is our responsibility to bring a change and make people aware that dancing is not merely moving your limbs. It is so much more than that.
There are thousands of more things that a dancer would like to achieve in their lives. Getting shoes signed by their favourite dancer, getting a pirouette perfect and dancing along their idol are just a few of these examples.

Comment below what is on your bucket list and maybe with this article we have inspired you to go and make those dreams come true, cross things off your bucket list. Let us know!