Ballroom Budgeting - How I Afford to Dance
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Ballroom Budgeting - How I Afford To Dance

Name of the Book : Dance Diaries: Ballroom Budgeting: How I Afford to Dance

by The Girl With the Tree Tatoo

Author's name: Katie

Before, one can plunge into this book, I'd like to say, that I am glad a book like this got out. It helped me connect my poor financing skills with the effect it could have on something important to me, in this case identified as ballroom dance.

The book itself opens up with what can be easily related to basic micro-economics. The expense, its all just about the opportunity cost. If you don't attend your dance class, you would then be spending those 2 hours sitting at home. That is the opportunity cost, what you have to give up to get the happiness and satisfaction that you require.
Katie asks, "Exactly how much money, or how much debt, is acceptable in the pursuit of a passion?"

To which her friend replies, (paraphrased) would you like to be remembered as being debt free or happy in your funeral?

That for Katie, was the bottom line. So, in order to ensure that she could do both, she put some basics of budgeting in this dance budgeting for dummies guide of sorts.

What I really enjoyed, was the fact that the software she used was simple enough, the method of budgeting wherein she uses the basic principle of accounting, that is to cover for all possible losses and not to anticipate possible gains, really does help. It feels better to have that extra cash in the end of the month, as opposed to lesser money.

The easiest, simplest things she points out, is to reduce unnecessary consumption. Don't go out for drinks every weekend, or change your television plan to one that best suits your needs, or modify your cell phone plan, or even something as simple as buying vegetables at a lesser cost.

Also, if you aren't so big on spreadsheets, than an even easier way is to look for budgeting apps that keep a track on your daily expenditure. If you have a showcase coming, that requires extra money, well get on the savings wagon and charge forth.

Her chapters are actually divided into easy steps, which provides great clarity.
- Create a budget
- Put ballroom in the budget
- Reduce Expenses
- Increase Income and so on and so forth.

The basic essence of this book is battling with resources. It doesn't ask you to "max out your credit cards" or make your parents poor. Really, it asks you to do the best with what you have. It doesn't necessarily limit itself to the arena of ballroom dance, for most dancers or readers, it could just relate with life. Budgeting is an easy, responsible way of dealing with adulthood. Katie, helps put it all into perspective in this inviting read. Check it out!

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