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Benefits Of Attending Dance Workshops Of Shorter Duration

If you are living in any city of India and you are a dancer then you will know how popular are dance workshops of short duration. These dance workshops are usually conducted to promote dancers and dance studio. Dance studios can come up with amazing marketing strategies to keep students engaged and interested in what they have to offer. Marriage season workshops, choreography workshops, learning a new dance style workshop, dance summer camps, etc. The duration of these popular dance workshops can be from 2 hours/day to 5 days in a week. However, if one is really serious about dance training and making dance as their profession then how much a dance workshop helps a dancer?

How do these dance workshops affect the growth of a dancer? Or is it just a trend to learn a choreography on a song?

Find out here about how you can maximise your personal growth by attending dance workshops of shorter duration.



Dance training is difficult mainly for 2 reasons - 1) commitment required for a longer duration and 2) high fee structure to get quality training from the best teachers. Not every dancer can afford to get quality dance training by dedicating many years. Especially in a country like India where there is a huge lack of understanding and support for dancing profession, managing finances for a young dancer becomes quite faithless. These dance workshops are of great help because some good teachers, in order to spread awareness of quality dance education, are opening up to the idea of 1 or 2 day dance workshops. The fee of these dance workshops are kept reasonable because dancers of every level are welcomed. Exposure to good dance teachers, well-known dance studios with good facilities, dance techniques in a budget friendly fee structure helps every dancer grow physically and mentally. Dance teachers and dance companies also get to watch some amazing hidden talents in these workshops which are otherwise would have been lost.



As a young dancer, you may have found which dance style works more favourably for you. Every dance style needs to be practiced innumerable times to make it perfect. Working on your own in your room or in a studio is fine but to learn more and grow more, you need to attend classes of amazing dance teachers. Dance workshops help us to learn each dance technique in depth. No matter how less the duration of the dance workshop, it still gives a lot of insight to the dancer to make each movement better.

Some dance studios also conduct workshops with dance teachers of different dance styles to get more students. This is an amazing opportunity to learn as much as possible and also experiment with the movements that you already know. It can be just 1 day workshop with may be 2 hours each to a dance style. For example, like THE DANCE BIBLE conducted a 1 day DELHI DANCE MARATHON 5 on 28th October 2017. Aakash Mehra was teaching hip hop dance in the morning, Suryaa Sharma taught contemporary choreography in the afternoon, and we had a masterclass by Ryan Martyr in the evening. Dance workshops like these exposes dancers to learn about a dance style that they may otherwise hesitate to attend if it was for a longer duration.

Taking a risk to move in a different manner than the one you are used to is challenging but the rewards are long term. Any dance movement should never be confined to one dance style because it will help the dancer to express more freely.



Dance workshops are a wonderful way to make great dance friends with whom you have fun, you learn together and these amicable relations will later help you find dance jobs. Dancers whom you meet in dance workshops come from different dance backgrounds. Each dancer have something unique to share in terms of movement quality. The more you keep yourself open to attending dance workshops of different dance styles with different teachers, the more you will grow in understanding movement rather than confining to just learning choreography on a song. Dance friends understand how difficult it is to make your place in a dance profession. Not everyone goes on to become Ashley Lobo or Shiamak Davar. It is important to support each other in the dancing field. Various dance jobs being posted online helps keep you and your dance friends to work together.

Every dancer need to get training in their own dance style as well as keep updated with the latest trends in music, dance styles and choreography. There is no better way to learn more about what’s new in the dancing field then the dance workshops!



Dance workshops are designed in a way to give good opportunity to dancers in a short period of time. During these dance workshops, due to the time constraint, teachers plan their class in such a way that the quality of dancing does not goes down. Teachers also try to give all students equal chance to show how well and quickly they can learn what has been taught. A small showcase towards the end of the workshop by picking the best students is a great boost to dancers. Professional dance videos and photographers make sure to capture every awesome moment of the dance workshop in order to promote their work. A dancer, therefore, gains in every way possible. These dance photos and videos later helps the dancer to show experience in a dance resume. Sometimes few dancers may develop likeness for a dance style different from their own and sometimes dance teachers also pick their favourite dancer and make them part of their crew.

In every possible way dance workshops help dancers, dance teachers and choreographers as well as dance studios to promote themselves. Dance workshops are not just another passing trend but a big opportunity for dancers to keep on learning, growing and inspiring each other.