Dancers, Are you Winter-Body Ready?
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Dancers, Are You Winter-Body Ready?

Winter is coming, and well most of us just laze around and spend the days thinking what to do and what not. Somehow, we end up eating and eating, and our winter dancer body goes down the hill. This post discusses how to keep your body healthy and fit in winters!


Importance of warm up

Most of us skip warm up before dancing. In winter our body contracts and tighten ups, we need extra time to open our body. If we skip warm up, it will be difficult to dance in full swing. Also, it is important to note that skipping warm up can lead to injuries. Injuries are more deep in winters than summers. So, it is important to prepare well beforehand to avoid any serious injuries. Warm up helps you in just that.

Right kind of diet

In winters, we tend to eat more than normal diet. The diet we take contains more carbohydrates and fats. This makes us unhealthy, thus the energy level tends to fall for some. It is important to maintain proper diet.  Include green leafy veggies, fruits and nuts in your daily diet.


This can be an extension to the above point, but water is one thing we tend to ignore the most. In winters we drink less water than normal. While dancing it is important to keep your body hydrated. Drinking less water can be fatal for your health.

Dress properly

Dressing for a dance class is an easy task but the same task is tedious in winters. Wearing over bulky clothes will create a problem while dancing and wearing thin clothes will freeze you to death. A right balance according to your body need is essential when you dress for rehearsal.


Winter brings blankets, heaters, long cozy nights and LAZINESS. One way to fight off the laziness is to do Yoga or Pilates. It helps to open and stretch the body and also fights the laziness. Yoga will also calm you and provide you with inner peace, which helps to focus more on dance and choreographing.


Walk, jog or run. It will help keep the energy level high and it will fill your body with adrenaline rush, also keep you in shape. Eating yum gajar ka halwa and other fatty items, we need to take it out before dancing. Choose either of the options it will produce heat and no lagging behind in dance routine! Best part? No excessive sweating!
These are few ways to keep your body moving, this winter! Do try this and tell us in comment section below! Enjoy the winters dancing!