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How To Become A Must Watch Dancer On Instagram

The journey of a dancer is exciting because everyday we get to do what we love. In this online world of constant networking, dancers are the most watched for any type of audience. Being a dancer and showcasing your work is not limited to waiting for a stage performance opportunity anymore. Dancers understand the importance of visual media to reach out to a larger audience who are not just their students/friends but also dance workshop organisers and promoters.

Here are few important tips to increase likes, followers and become the most shared dancer.


A dancer’s name is important and so is his/her stage name. Use the same name that is on your Facebook profile so that it becomes easier for your students, friends, followers or fans to search and tag you. Likewise, use the same profile picture on all your channels. Connecting to your friends and other dancers is amazing and with an Instagram profile you can easily connect and follow international dancers. Get your best dance picture to feature on your profile.

Your personality is itself reflected from your Instagram posts so it is better to describe yourself first as a Dancer and then add other sub-titles to it like Dancer/Artist/Performer/Teacher. It is best to avoid adding any any extra line about being ‘funny or weird or gangsta or psycho’ as these titles do not add anything of value especially if you are trying to impress your followers.

Add all your links of your channels and connect them to Instagram to easily share your work on multiple channels. Also, make sure that your Instagram account is set to public and not private. You lose out on lots of followers because they cannot see your work if your account is private.



When on Insta, never forget to use hashtags! For some dancers, it’s overwhelming to use so many hashtags. But it’s the hashtags that works like a GPS that draws other dancers to your profile much more easily and quickly. Whenever you post a dance picture or a dance video or a promotional workshop, it is very important to use hashtags related to the post. Here are some popular dance hashtags that you can use -

  • #dancers #indiandancers #dancevideos #dancepictures #dancepartners #outdoorshoot #flexibility #dancestunt #dancecompetition #danceworkshop #dancerehearsal

  • #indianclassicaldance #hiphopdance #freestyle #dancefusion #salsanight #balletislife #bhangralife #maledancers #femaledancers #dancekids #dancebffs

  • #swaggang #MondayMotivation #dancelove #artistleague2018 #delhidanceacademy #dancersofIndia #Indiandancers

Also, there are a lot of Instagram pages to promote dancers. Connect to as many dance related pages especially the ones of your own country. There is always a lot to learn from every dancer and pages specific to promoting dancers of their country are abundant in number. Hashtag these dance pages on your posts so that dancers following the page also like and follow your account.



As a dancer, you are creative and so it is important to keep your posts dance related as well as fun. The Instagram audience loves to see a dancer grow through challenges because it helps them connect emotionally to the dancer. Give your personal life details but only those that are interesting and dance related. Some examples are -

  • Backstage make-up or excitement pics

  • Rehearsal for upcoming shows

  • Trailer of upcoming dance workshop or performance or dance video launch

  • Traveling to new city for dance performance

  • Slo-mo dance stunts, a fab pic of everyday warm up

  • Pic or video with your dance students or intro video of your dance crew

  • Re-sharing your dance ideal’s pic or video

  • Even trying to learn a new dance step or a dance tutorial

  • Sharing a funny dance meme

The point is to share your dance and creative life with your audience.



Instagram keeps on updating and adding new and exciting tools that can be used very creatively to attract your audience. INSTA STORY - can be used to highlight about your latest post, to use multiple awesome pics, and also about your daily dance routine. HIGHLIGHTS - is used on Insta to save any particular pic or video which shows a glimpse of the latest work you have been working on. FOLLOW HASHTAGS - this feature helps you connect to inspiring dancers from all over the world according to the most popular hashtags. If you search for #bharatnatyam - Insta will instantly give you a list of all Insta pages and people who have used this hashtag. When you click on FOLLOW, then similar pics and videos will automatically feature on your daily Insta feed. INSTA LIVE - is used when you are eager to reach your audience instantly sharing live dance moments like sharing stage with a popular bollywood actor or live performance of your school students.



The most important is the content or what you post or how good are you in your dancing. There are lots of dancers who are probably already dancing on similar popular song but how creative and interesting you can be in your dancing is what ultimately increases your dance followers. There are dancers who are probably paying more to a dance videographer or a dance photographer rather than spend time working on dance technique but they are still behind in growing as a dancer/artist.

Every dancer or performer loves to hear their work appreciated. And that is why these online platforms help dancers reach audience easily. Continuously working hard in making your dance work creative and interesting is what will help you get honest appreciation from your dance peers and mentors. Here’s hoping that following the above tips will help you in becoming a #MUSTWATCH dancer and gain more followers and students in your dance studio. CHEERS!