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Maintaining Boundaries Between Teacher And Student

A dance teacher’s job is not very different from a school teacher, except that dance teachers are much more cooler. A dance teacher maybe strict or friendly with parents and students. Interacting with your dance teacher may be a lot easier however everything has a right time. Even a dance teacher requires an adequate space to keep his/her personal life a little separate to maintain discipline and respect in the dance studio.


When I was training and getting more involved in understanding posture and stretches in dance, I had lots of questions to ask my dance teacher. A student cannot ask all the questions during the class because it will disturb the class. After every class I would come up with some question related to stretches and how it affects our muscles. I think I was over involved in learning everything in one day.
There are times when we all have doubts and the one person we look upto to solve all our dance confusions is our dance teacher. We want to Whatsapp our dance teacher asap or call but it’s not possible. A dance teacher is there for you, but it does not mean to haunt or stalk your dance teacher for everything. There are small confusions and big confusions and most of the time small confusions can be solved with a little common sense.
Some parents have a habit of calling out of stress for the upcoming performance and the most annoying and unfortunately unavoidable thing is not listening to the dance teacher when the important announcement for the performance is being made and later calling the teacher to clarify. It is also the teacher’s responsibility to tell the parents a fixed time to call.
A dance teacher has a lot of information and each class is prepared keeping in mind a particular goal for the class. It can be teaching a new dance step or focusing on music or partner work, etc. Sometimes a student might have a question that is indirectly related to what has been taught in the class that day. Or sometimes the student doesn’t know exactly what’s confusing them simply because dance is quite a vast subject. It is very important to write down your confusion or idea immediately after class, fix a time to discuss it with your dance teacher and then clarify things. Again, there is a right time and place and your dance teacher is always glad to help you with all your confusions as long as the student and parent are patient.
A dance teacher works with the help of parents and students. A dance teacher knows what and how to teach but without the support of parents and students a successful dance studio and a dance career is difficult to achieve. A dance teacher, parent and student's goal are the same and each contributes in the success of the student. If a dance teacher's job is to give quality education and comfortable dance environment then the parent and student's responsibility is to cooperate, work hard and practice whatever is taught in the class. Students want to lead the class and show dance perfection and it’s the teacher's responsibility to correct students and provide quality dance education.  
Any inconvenience or dissatisfaction only appears when any one of the above listed qualities are missing because of either the teacher or parent or student’s laziness. Unprofessional behaviour is not just a responsibility of a dance teacher. Any problem or confusion can be easily clarified if there is respect for each other’s position. Negative thinking, gossiping, jealousy, biased opinion, fights are harmful for everyone and should be avoided in all cases.
Parents want their kids to be happy and healthy. Dance helps develop kid’s creativity and physical strength. Dance teachers therefore have an additional responsibility of mentoring their students towards the correct path. There are times when it becomes difficult for students to manage studies and dance performance simultaneously. It is a difficult decision for parent as well as the student because sometimes it's better to choose one.
Dance teachers are always unbiased towards their students but when it comes to students showcase, making a correct choice is very important. There are different types of dance students and each student grows in his/her pace and ability. Standing behind or not in front does not means that student is a bad dancer. All parents want their child to stay ahead but understanding that it is not possible all the time or talking to the teacher will make things right, is not helping a child. The simple logic being - hard work + quick learning ability + performance = good dancer. Comparison, jealousy, negative competition in parents also passes on to the children which is not healthy.
There are so many scenarios and so many things that enrich the experience of teaching dance. The coolness of the teacher, being patient, planning are some things that help a teacher maintain discipline in their students. Growth is a continuous process were the dance teacher, parent and the student equally contribute towards success.