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Moove Abstract - Nurturing Creative Movement

The Dance Bible is always on the lookout for dance organizations that aim to provide quality education and help elevate the Indian dance industry to a world platform. We recently spoke to the founders of Moove Abstract - an organisation that fosters an environment of creative movement and got an insight into their vision and future goals.
Moove Abstract is born out of the passion of like-minded professionals with a vision to proliferate varied forms of Performing arts among the people who want to grow in this field and nurture dance as a ‘way of life’. 
The very name of the company has come from ‘movement’. Movement that is linear as it starts and with its progression, it diversifies into multiple streams. Moove Abstract believes that even though abstraction denotes segregation and fragmentation, the illusion of movement is that of abstraction.
The inspiration behind the company came from the need to connect Performing Arts to each and every one who has a penchant for it’. They believe that Dance encapsulates every aspect of one’s personality and brings about higher level of self-discipline and personal achievement. Having a sound knowledge of ‘right’ techniques and incorporating dance into your daily routine enables an individual to connect with his inner- self and bask in with positivity all around.

Moove Abstract is all about imparting professional dance education at school, colleges, community classes or any other social forum. They believe in quality and equality. Their gates are open for all those who want to connect through dance, with dance and for dance. If you have the will, passion and zeal, Moove Abstarct have all the right tools and accessories that can help you grow from a ‘passionate dancer’ to a ‘professional artist’.
Having a varied experience both at national and international dance arena, their team of choreographers provide structured training programs and performance opportunities that enable students to enhance their physical, artistic and creative skills. 

While dance education is one of their key goals, they also plan to cater to performing arts on a larger scale, bringing speech, dance and visual media together.
We are determined to expand Moove Abstract as a creative movement. To reach towards that platform we feel that a structured dance education is a vital source of educating the audience and creating awareness and reception about art.
Art encompasses both performing arts and visual arts. At Moove Abstract they aim to bridge the gap between the two and would like to bring them together as one, in a unified manner. Home production is one such way where the team will be sharing their research and experimentation space with the audience. We look forward to having their work hit the stage soon.
The idea is that one attains equilibrium with speech, dance, and visual media as a whole. We are looking forward to collaborations with leading artists who are open to experimentation.  Only through quality of knowledge, can one rightfully Engage, Explore and Experience ART.


Setting up such an organization is not an easy feat. But Moove Abstarct with their perfect blend of business aesthetics and creative energy have managed to sail through all their challenges.
Our team is a perfect confluence of business acumen and creative wisdom. This combination gives us an edge to overcome the day to day business challenges. While, we, with our experience concentrate on imparting training in Performing Arts, our promoter Mr. Vipin Chawla has the expertise to ensure seamless management of this institute. Together, as a team we are determined to ensure that Moove Abstract as an institute stands out for its quality in teaching, infrastructure and facilities.
Despite the growth and acceptance of dance in India, Moove Abstract strongly emphasize on quality education. Speaking about the Indian dance industry,
Indian Dance industry off late has considerably grown and being recognised at the global forums. We have seen a significant change in the attitude towards Performing arts; today it commands more respect and visibility than before. In the last few years we have seen that dance industry’s appetite to experiment and accept varied forms of cross culture dance techniques has increased tremendously. However, we feel that at present, the need of the hour seems to be that of ‘quality and right direction’. 

Moove Abstract Arts & Entertainment is a team of professionals who strongly believe that dancing stimulates mind, body and soul. They have a focussed vision and we appreciate their goals and wish them the best in all their future endeavours.
In their own words, Moove Abstract is committed to contribute to an environment that embraces change and fosters creative growth. Not only will it shape the artists of tomorrow but also the audience whose appreciative reception and constructive criticism will help in holistic development of Art.
Our mission is to train people in Performing arts while instilling a higher level of cultural enrichment, self-discipline, and personal achievement. We strive to foster an environment of creative movement by providing a platform for various artists to meet, create, and explore artistic possibilities and opportunities to grow. Importantly, we encourage essentials such as respect for a healthy body, working well in a team, supporting others, and learning rhythm & coordination.
We are a team of professional and experienced Choreographers born out of vision to impart varied forms of performing arts to people from different walks of life.
Drop in for a class at Moove Abstarct either at their Vasant Kunj or Gurgaon studio, we are sure you that you will go back for more!
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