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Some Dancers Of Navdhara India Dance Theatre You Should Follow On Instagram

Navdhara India Dance Theatre (NIDT) is a contemporary dance company based out of Mumbai, India, founded by Indian-Australian choreographer Ashley Lobo. The word ‘Navdhara’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words - nav meaning new and dhara meaning flow or stream.

Navdhara India Dance Theatre’s chief mission is to communicate and build bridges within India and the international community. To this end, all dancers have a strong western dance technique and this is then combined with indigenous tools like yoga, ancient Indian movement, meditations, and Indian classical and folk dance, to create a unique movement style that is neither eastern nor western in nature, but completely universal.

(Read our interview with Ashley Lobo, Artistic Director, Navdhara India Dance Theatre)

These are some of the NIDT dancers who despite their busy rehearsal schedules and international tours and workshops, take out time to promote themselves and their art on social media handles like Instagram which gives an insight to the viewers about the art form and perspectives of different dancers through their photographs and videos as well as the lifestyle of these artists-athletes:

Aarati Divanji @aarati_divanji

Aarati Divanji is a professional dancer trained in various styles such as jazz, contemporary, ballet and is currently a part of The Danceworx, Mumbai and Navdhara Indian Dance Theatre.

Her Instagram feed showcases her splitting ( notice the pun) personality and incredible jazz technique. She comes across as a daring dancer with smooth transitions in her in-the-studio videos of backflips, walkovers, pitch, fish flops, toe raises and what not!

Moreover, followers can gain an insight into her other interests which range from singing and playing the guitar to climbing mountains and trotting the globe.


Sonakshi Amitabh @sonakshiamitabh

She is currently a principal dancer at the Navdhara Indian Dance Theatre who started as a student at The Danceworx, Mumbai.

Her feed ranges from black and white portraits to incredible high-contrast performance stills. In her videos, she is found moving to different pieces of music with her friends or improvising on her own.

When she is not busy looking majestic and out-worldly in her photographs, she comes across as a down-to-earth and happy-go-lucky cat & dog lover.

Followers will find her tilting on tours or spreading her contagious energy and/or smiling brightly.



Urvil Shah @urvil28

Urvil Shah is a dancer-teacher at The Danceworx Academy and Navdhara Indian Dance Theatre.

His feed is full of videos of him dancing in the studio or flipping off the walls of the studio or posters of his upcoming workshops. Photographs captured of him on stage with his team are the most compelling. In these, one can see talent and future.

He comes across as a dancer with big size and reach with an ability to charm followers with his smile and amicable nature.

Go show some Insta-Love to these amazing dancers!

And share with us your favourite dancers to follow on Instagram. We will feature the best ones in our next edition!

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