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Talking To Parents About Dance As A Serious Profession

Dance, like any other profession, involves a lot of struggle during training and as a profession. It requires a load of mental, emotional and physical discipline. There are so many times that students of dance may feel alone in fighting the struggles of fulfilling their dance dreams because of lack of support from friends and family. Talking to family and convincing them about taking dance as a serious profession is a very difficult task. Every parent wants their children to have financial security and dancing may seem a very attractive opportunity during childhood but as an adult it’s not considered a serious profession even now.

Sometimes even if a dance gig is paying you way more than any government job, your family may still want you to settle down and get a “proper job”. One of the main reasons for this is lack of knowledge about the dancing/artistic field. There is no fixed post or a fixed salary, in fact the entertainment industry seems all fun with no security of PF or pension. And since lots of young people are easily attracted to dancing and start their training young, they don’t have the expertise of negotiating a deal. It’s a tough world, and that is why cooperation and understanding of elders and parents is very important.

Here we give you few easy ways to communicate to your parents and let them know that you are serious about taking dance as your profession for life.



The work starts with YOU as a dancer i.e. if you are serious about taking dance as a profession then you should make a short term and long term plan. Every building needs a strong foundation and a good dance training goes a long way in supporting you as a professional dancer. Think about the steps you will be taking in order to get good training and chart out a plan with a timeframe to show it to your parents. The one thing parents really want to know is if you know what you are doing and how you are going to support yourself. Sitting down with your parents to talk about your goals really reassures them that you have got a concrete plan.



A parent-teacher meeting is not just for schools, there is a purpose to let your parents and teachers know about your dreams. Is this important? Yes. Do dance students take initiative to set up a meeting between parents and teachers? No. The reason is that dance students are too young to know the importance of proper communication between parents and teachers. Usually, when a dance teacher sees an exceptional talent in a student only then the teacher approaches the parent to give the student more push to pursue the dancing field seriously.

There are so many uncertainties regarding an artistic field that the right approach to encourage a dance student is hardly given importance. Once again, the dancer himself or herself will have to prove his/her expertise in dancing to convince his elders about his seriousness. Your dance teacher is the first person to understand your hard work and discipline towards your passion. The guidance of a dance mentor matters a lot. And therefore it is appropriate that the dance student shares his/her dreams with the teacher and the parents.



Discipline of mind and body comes from a good dance training. Whether you are learning dance from a reputable dance institute or from YouTube videos, dance training and learning helps a dance student to keep moving forward. Dance is a lifestyle and once you have decided that you want to pursue dance as your profession then your dance training has to be focused and sharp. Encouragement and support from family is what propels dancers to become strong. This is the reason that while deciding your career path you should involve your parents.

Communicating to your parents about details of your training - like working with friends on a dance videos or dance collaboration, attending good dance teacher's workshop for learning, growth of social media and dancers - are some of the topics that you can discuss with your parents.



Money is security for everyone and therefore the talk about money should be done with parents not just when you need it for buying dance shoes. Money is required for dance training, for dance attire, for opening a dance studio, for traveling for dance performances, etc. Talking about money should be done in a very mature and honest way.

Dance always opens new paths of exploration and pursuing a dance career also means being ready to make changes in your goals and dance projects. Making a budget for dance will always be inconsistent and you have to talk to your parents faith in you through the financial ups and downs. Your parents will automatically stop questioning your decisions once you start earning.



One of the best ways to convince your parents about your decision is to show them your talent. Invite your parents to your live performances on stage so they know how you move. Movement is magic. It will help build faith of your parents in you and your ability. Your parents need to know that what you are doing is not just a dream but it's your passion and hard work that will make you successful.

Moreover, try to also go and watch other legendary dancers performances with your parents. This will help them accept the dance world in a positive way.

All of the above are the reasons for parents to doubt you and all of these reasons will turn into faith once you succeed. After all, they have lived their lives searching for a work that will satisfy their wants. And turning your dreams into reality and working for something as passionate and artistic as dance will keep you satisfied and happy.