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The Subtle Art Of Capturing Movement - Dance Photography Series With Sagar Hasija

If you see something that moves you, and then snap it, you keep a moment.” — Linda McCartney

We're all trying to capture our day to day lives in order to imprint precious moments into our memories and somehow try to hold onto some moments, persons, things or places and never let them go. We're always running after time and through photographs, we try to bring a moment to a standstill. We repeat it over and over again just by looking at a photograph and stimulating our visual senses. Photographers reproduce past reality in a way that it feels more real.


Sagar Hasija’s subtle art of capturing Movement

Sagar Hasija is a professional photographer based in New Delhi, India. He has collaborated with several dancers and fashion bloggers as well as photographed at national level dance festivals like Bailamos, India Fiesta Latina and Indian International Dance Congress.

He is also experienced in product photography and an official photographer for Pee Safe. His clientele includes The Danceworx, Salsa Sabor, Studio Raas, Yanis Marshall India Tour 2015 and Delhi Contemporary Week to name a few. He is currently the lead photographer at ‘Mask Models and Creators’.


We learnt a little about Sagar Hasija's subtle art of capturing movement through 7 quick questions.

What attracted you to the niche of dance photography?

Photography for me is not just about clicking a picture. It's looking at the world with a different perspective altogether and subsequently, sharing it with the world. The whole world, for me, is an empty canvas and dancers help me in creating  magical moments out of that.

What kind of lens and gear do you prefer to use while capturing dance?

Currently, I am using Nikon D850 which captures really sharp images. My favourite lenses are 16 to 35mm F2.8 and 24 to 120mm F/4 because they provide me with a lot of scope and help bring versatility in my work.

Do you like shooting moving targets or stand stills more?  

I love action in my images and capturing moving targets has a kind of storytelling behind it therefore, I always prefer capturing moving targets over standstills.   

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shoots? What is it that you like more about them?

I believe that the entire world is my studio because I love experimenting with various elements present in the environment. I prefer outdoor shoots for the simple reason that it helps me give more perspective and depth to the images and create stories.

What do you enjoy the most about working with dancers?

The madness that they bring to the table makes working with them absolutely delightful. The passion that dancers have is unbeatable and their energy is contagious which gives me a different high even while working!

What's the biggest challenge you face while capturing dance photographs?

The biggest challenge I still face even after working for more than 5 years as a photographer is that I only have less than a “millisecond” to capture a moment which might never be created again. Hence, there is always a pressure to capture that perfect moment and that’s what I love the most being a dance photographer.

Can you describe a typical “shoot” with a dancer or company?

Before getting down with the actual shoot, I need to know the background of the dancers. I ask them various questions about what kind of pictures they are looking for, whether it’s for a catalogue or a dancer's portfolio. Then, we get down to discuss the location and the outfits. The actual shoot is always fun and never feels like an extra burden for me since majority of the people posing in front of the camera are my fellow dancers. Hence, a shoot day is always a fun day for me!


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