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Harmony Of Yoga, Music And Dance – A Zorba Baithak

  • Gurugram , India
  • 11/06/2017
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Date: Sun, 11 June 2017 
Time: 6.45PM Onwards
Hosted By: Zorba the Buddha 
Venue: Zorba the Budhha,Ghitorni,South West Delhi


Euphonic Yoga brings together the art of music and dance with the craft of yoga to create a style that leaves a profound effect on your mind and body. This amalgamation will benefit you spiritually as well as physically by activating the Chakras (energy centers) and Nadis (energy channels) in the body. It can be called “ a journey within.”

Music, a key element incorporated in the Euphonic Yoga ideology, has immense power and can stimulate dormant energy pockets in your body making you feel revitalised. The original ragas of Indian classical music were created according to the deep knowledge of harmonious consonance between the seven swaras and chakras. It aligns your body and mind to work in perfect congruency.

The classical dance form of Kathak is a medium of wonderful expression. It incorporates use of hand gestures (mudras) that find resemblance in Yoga postures. Certain mudras activate channels in the body that lead to a healthier change on systems of circulation, digestion, and immunity.

You are all invited to this special ‘Zorba Baithak ‘- A Euphonic Yoga Performance. It will be a mehfil for soulful exchange between the artistes and audience. In this warm & intimate gathering, you will be able to share eye contact , smiles and appreciation with the performers.

About The Euphonic Yoga team

The Euphonic Yoga team consists of five highly talented and aware people. Suman Kanawat is a Yoga expert who specializes in this ancient art accompanied by Sh. Hari Om, another yoga expert. Garima Arya, who is a Kathak Guru, believes in the universal unity of art forms and provides long term health benefits by combining dance forms with Yoga. Raajnandini is a vocal expert and Shruti Chaturlal is the sutradhaar, narrating the rhythms that will bring about life changing experiences.

Date & Timing : 11th June, 2017 (6.45 PM – 8.00 PM)

Contact : Maitri

Phone : 9250361903

EMAIL : happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

** This is a Free Concert. Please contribute Rs.200 at the ‘Zorba the Buddha’ Gate towards Campus Entry .

** You may donate freely to the Artistes.

** For those who wish to stay post concert, please book your contributory dinner with the contact person.

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