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Baila Loca 'Just-One-Day' Dance Workshops

  • New Delhi, India
  • 07/01/2018
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Date: Sun, Jan 07 2018 
Time: 01:00 pm
Hosted By: Baila Loca
Venue: S-168, Top Floor, Panchsheel park south, Delhi

Baila Loca's 'Just-ONE-Day' Workshops are BACK - as we celebrate our 4th-Year Anniversary!
And this time, we're rolling out a pretty cool (or is that 'hot') offer!! That's right! Keep reading to find out more...

First - The WORKSHOPS! - on Sunday, 07th January.
Check out the SCHED below!
~ 1.15pm to 2.30pm :: ZOUK Workshop ~
[ 30mins :: Social Dancing ]
~ 3pm to 4pm :: BACHATA Workshop ~
[ 30mins :: Social Dancing ]
~ 4.30pm to 5.30pm :: KIZOMBA Workshop ~
[ 30mins :: Social Dancing ]
>> All this, at just Rs.100 per workshop!! - payable before the workshop do come 10mins early, and then we can start on time, without holding the others up.
Note: the Workshop fee is 'independent' of any other past/present/future offer/scheme.

You have the choice to get 25% OFF your regular Monthly Batch Fee for THREE MONTHS.
Yep, knock a quarter off your Jan-Mar'18 fee, when you register and pay 50% of the '3-month Discounted Fee' on 7th Jan, and the balance by 04th Feb. (keep reading...and see what it means for you)

Of course, if you just wanna ignore all the wonderful ways to save, and prefer to continue paying the regular Monthly Fee, here is the new Baila Loca fee structure:
~ Zouk Fundamentals (60mins) : Rs.2000/mo
~ Bachata Fundamentals (60mins) : Rs.2000/mo
~ Bachata Intermediate (75mins) : Rs.2500/mo
~ Kizomba Performance (75mins) : Rs.2500/mo

And NOW - here's how that SUPER-HOT ANNIVERSARY OFFER breaks down:

~ Zouk & Bachata Fundamentals ~
Regular Monthly Fee: Rs.2,000/- (2000x3mo=Rs.6,000)
>>> With the Offer, you pay Rs.4,500/-, in two instalments of Rs.2,250 each.

~ Bachata Intermediate & Kizomba Performance Team ~
Regular Monthly Fee: Rs.2,500/- (2500x3mo=Rs.7,500)
>>> With the Offer, you pay Rs.5,600/-, in two instalments of Rs.2,800 each (yes, we rounded it off a li'll, in your favor)

Vishal & Shalini



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