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Bhavana Reddy In Concert

  • New Delhi, India
  • 31/08/2017
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Event -  Bhavana Reddy in Concert
Date - 31st August 2017
Time - 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Venue - Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi, DL 110001, India
Hosted by - Natya Tarangini – Raja Radha Reddy Centre for Performing Arts


The present form to Kuchipudi style was given by Saint Siddhendra who is regarded as the father of the Kuchipudi dance. He initiated the Brahmin families of Kuchipudi village into this type of dance tradition and made them vow that every one of its male members would play the role of Satyabhama at least once during his lifetime. 

Saint Siddhendra’s “Bhamakalāpam” has become famous and popular without which a Kuchipudi dance performance is deemed incomplete. Satyabhāma, the most amorous consort of Lord Krishna, is the heroine of this dance number and is a ‘Swādhina Pathika’ (or a hero-in-her-grip type of) heroine. Bhama Kalāpam is probably the only dance-drama among the Hindu lore of lover lyrics that the role of Krishna is practically absent and Satyabhaāma renders the entire number with the assistance of her handmaid. And a full story is told.

Raja Radha Reddy traveled to Kuchipudi village and Eluru in Andhra Pradesh to learn this ancient tradition of Bhama Kalāpam from their guru Vendantam Prahlada Sarma. Mastergaru had a distinct style from other gurus that displayed perfection in poise, gait, technique and abhinaya. The duo spread this beautiful and sacred dance-drama for decades giving breathtaking performances, wowing audiences across the world. This tradition now lives on through their daughters and disciples.

Based in Delhi, Bhavana, is an acclaimed Kuchipudi Dancer, younger daughter and disciple of legendary dancing couple Padmabhushans Drs. Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy. She will be presenting a beautiful and sacred dance-drama, Bhama Kalāpam. An evening of breathtaking performance awaits!

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