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BIODANZA - International Dance Festival (1st Edition)

  • Delhi/India
  • 20/11/2015
  • 1

1st International Biodanza Festival in India

This is an opportunity for you to join creator of Biodanza, Rolando Toro’s dream – to have the whole world dancing!

Biodanza invites you to remember all that you are through the power of self-expression, music, movement and connection with others and with life by dancing the five fundamental human functions known as the five lines; Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity and Transcendence. There’s nothing we love more than to put together a gathering for you to remember, memories that you can treasure, that will be a part of you to take home. To create a place where you can find yourself, connect with others, cry, laugh, dance and revitalise your life with this amazing system that reconnects us being to being, heart to heart, soul to soul.

We are very fortunate to have the chance to dance in such magnificent venues in which to create a Biodanza love vibe and this one is a real beauty! Zorba the Buddha eco retreat centre is an oasis of nature and beauty in the heart of the world’s 2nd biggest city, New Delhi, population 25 million! The neighbours are millionaire’s mansions, but our property is a green and verdant tropical park with ponds, lawns, flowers, fountains and colourful wildlife buzzing about the trees. Superbly run and managed by Ashwin Bharti and his huge team of dedicated support staff, you will want nothing more from your stay in terms of comfort, ease and well­being. Along with delicious cuisine, warm sunny weather, a top teaching team and the unquantifiable delights of Biodanza make this a winter must for 2015!


There are multiple accommodation options available at the venue itself. To be able to get your preferred option, it is advised to book at the earliest. Limited Availability!

Festival Details

Fri, 20 Nov - Tue, 24 Nov

Starts at 06:00 PM

Participation by Contribution

Prior Registration Required



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