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Breaking Workshop For Girls By B-girl Sumku

  • New Delhi, India
  • 11/02/2018
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Date: Sun, Feb 11th, 2018 
Time: 11:00 am to 02:00 pm
Hosted By:  Tribes Mafia Breaking Center - Bboy
Venue: A 3 Defense colony Netaji subhash sports club, New Delhi, India

Breaking Workshop For Girls By B-girl Sumku

Yasum Takam also known as B-girl Sumku is an Official crew member of Tribes Collision Squad and Teacher at Tribes Mafia Breaking Centre. she has been breaking for 5 years and has been participating in breaking events continuously. 


Breaking also known as B-Girling/boying is a main Dance Style of Hip hop culture containing Four Elements - Toprock, Downrock, Power moves and Freezes. 
The "B" of B-girl stands for Break-Girl or some use it also for Boogie and Bronx. 

Workshop of 
*Top Rock
*Down Rock
*Basic Freeze
*Body Strengthening

Workshop Motto:
⦁ To spread the awareness of breaking among female. 
⦁ To encourage more Girls to be a part of this beautiful art form.
⦁ To provide them better knowledge about the health benefits of Breaking/B-Girling.

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