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Cast Off All Shame

  • Mumbai, India
  • 08/07/2017
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Date: 8th July , 2017 
Time: 7.30PM Onwards
Venue: Harkat Studios , Mumbai Western Suburbs 

Cast Off All Shame begins with a medieval bhakti poet Janabai coming alive and taking the role of an agony aunt to today’s women who have issues ranging from domestic abuse to buying sanitary pads, who get body shamed and slut shamed. What follows is a thought provoking theatre experience punctuated with soulful bhakti poetry and tongue-in-cheek observations.


What happens when Janabai wakes up from the dead only to hear politicians' voices finding solution to molestation cases in dressing women up "properly"?

Punctuated with poetry and stories, Cast Off All Shame adds to the debate of women's body rights and many other pertinent issues. But in this piece the spirited Janabai (and Janabai as spirit) is not some angry feminist - she is the one who has seen it all and has learnt to laught about it.

As Janabai straddles two epochs alluding to margina women Bhakti poets and mainstream viral comments, this one woman show balances perfectly the lirerary and the entertaining.

When the show begins, Janabai is in deep thoughts and you might be amused, but in the end if you who is left thinking and she who is amused....

About the artist:

Ulka Mayur is a versatile artis with experience in academics, research, storytelling, theatre, writing and Kathak.

Being a doctorate in literature, Ulka is devoted to research and curate folklores and indigenous traditions, incorporating them in her creative content.

A passionate storyteller and tireless researcher, Ulka loves to curate folktales and has performed stories for children as well as adults at cultural spaces, international conferences and festivals such as Kala Ghoda, Taran and Gujarat Literature Festival.

Her theatre experience includes a solo piece Her Myths (designed and performed by her for International conference), a documentary theatre Loitering (as a performer) and a children’s play Tik Tak Tales (as a writer, director and performer).

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