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Flow- Not An Ordinary Show

  • New Delhi, India
  • 26/10/2014
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“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
 Alan Wilson Watts

October 25, 2014: The above quote quite aptly captures the essence of the show 'Flow'. Conceived and directed by Zorian Cross, Flow brings to the audience a world of dance, storytelling, acting and music; transcending the barriers of a genre specific form of entertainment and bringing a change to the Delhi theater circuit, calling upon its viewers to plunge in and flow along with them.

Six stories expressed through six dance forms, were tastefully choreographed by Rajiv Singh, Alisha Talwar and Manish Kangia and performed by the dancers of the Art in Motion Dance Academy. For a debut production, the diversity that the show was able to manage in terms of choreographies, music, staging and lighting was applaud worthy. While Follow My Light, the prelude act used a lamp and fluorescent lighted backdrop to portray the rise and fall of revolutionary ideals; Like a Revelation picked up machine guns as props and toyed with the ideas of homosexuality, polarizing religious beliefs and a woman's journey to self-love. These introspective pieces were interspersed with fun acts, where Broadway Babies inspired from the Broadway musicals saw three little maids dressed in school uniforms tell us their tales of teenage flirtations, Careful What You Wish For inspired from the iconic show 'I Dream of Jeannie' had the audience chuckling at the comic element displayed by the charming Rajiv Singh.

Each performance flowed to the next with Zorian himself providing an introduction to the pieces in dramatic tones. His light hearted humor and showmanship also came across as he popped up on the stage as 'Miss America' singing 'I Feel Pretty' from West Side Story and giving the choreography a delightful twist.



Act 2 began with an all-male ensemble exploring emotions of togetherness and estrangement that one experiences from birth to death through modern contemporary dance form. One of the strongest in terms of dancing technique, the dancers in Touch and Go, were successful in maintaining the synergy required in the choreography. Funk Rock, EDM and Baroque Pop music always bring in an electrifying energy and together with the sensual expressions of the dancers, particularly Revantika Gupta as the grand mistress of an urban burlesque house, The Erotic Candy Shop was definitely one of the highs of the Flow. A free fall done by dancer Nargis Singh Nandal, as she muses on her unreal relationships with the men in her life was a hair-raising moment in the choreography. The finale piece, The Tragic Loves of Carmen inspired by Georges Bizet's Carmen opera tells the tale of a tragic love story using Ballet and Latin ballroom dancing.

In a surprise package, Akash Monga and Vinayak Dasgupta along with the entire cast of 'Flow' enthrall the audience with spectacular moves in Don't Matter If. From freestyle to Hip Hop to a moonwalk done by Nargis Singh, the show ended with a bang.

The entire show brings out the extraordinaire acting skills of the performers. Each song was lip sung beautifully and the expressions were well emoted to reach out to the very last person in the fully packed Kamani auditorium hall. Agreed that the show started a little late due to technical difficulties thus making the audience a bit jittery towards the end, but Flow with its unique concept definitely stands to revolutionize Delhi's dance and theater industry.

We hope 'Flow' comes back stronger next time with the dancers better equipped technically to adapt to more articulate and intensive choreographic numbers. 'Flow' big on entertainment and variety, was a huge success and we wish the entire cast and crew a fruitful journey ahead.


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