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Ignite 2015 - Scrambled Eggs; More On Plate

  • New Delhi, India
  • 11/01/2015
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'SCRAMBLED EGGS…OR SUNNY SIDE UP?' is a stellar show comprising of eight different pieces choreographed by The Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company. This Sunday, dance lovers from all over Delhi came to watch the exclusive premier of this show as part of the ongoing festival of contemporary dance - IGNITE 2015.

Scrambled Eggs, as the very name suggests is a suite of varied pieces, all mixed and scrambled into one, from the seemingly banal to the emotional and then on to the pragmatic" said the artistic director, Terrence Lewis.

True to the word, the first choreography 'Babel' portrayed a story of three different people, seemingly confused with the three different languages at play. Inspired from modern and contemporary styles of dance, it speaks of how languages create misunderstandings, despite their meaning and values being the same.

Next, a story of teenage love unfolded at a coffee shop. Aptly titled 'Crush' it got the audience thinking fondly of their first crush.

'The Golden Ratio' a trio performance, was a strong portrayal inside of an artist's mind; how sometimes one gets obsessed with their own work and the line between real and reel seems to diminish.

'The city of Mumbai' was a mirror into today's corporate world. Performed by Terence and his entire troop it showed the ugly side of life where every individual while putting 'I' first, pulls down others along the way.

'The flip side of an egg', a bold piece exploring the subject of  reversed sexuality saw the performers sexualities' flipped and caught the audience off guard as dancers jumped off the stage to interact with the bewildered and bemused masses.

'Crossroads' depicted up life's eternal philosophy that how everyone comes in your life for a purpose and then moves on.

'The Last Supper' was an epic end to the show which saw Terence and the entire crew eating together at the dining table on the stage.

This was Terence's first performance in the capital and we hope this is the beginning of many.
The opening of the Ignite Festival of Contemporary Dance 2015, an initiative of Gati Dance Forum, presented by Times of India and in association with Sangeet Natak Akademi, was a grand one!

But in case you missed this, don't worry. A plethora of spectacular performances await you! We have marked our calendars for the below and urge you to do the same!!

Image Credits: Rahul Giri
Reviewers: Rekha and Aditi

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