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  • Delhi, India
  • 09/10/2016
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Date and Time: 9 October 2016 | 6PM
Venue: ODD BIRD THEATRE, DELHI(Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Foot Road, SSN Marg, Chhattarpur, New Delhi)

The #INTERSECT performances run in a loop from 6pm to 9pm. Recommended arrival times are 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

#INTERSECT emerges with the objective of bringing cutting-edge contemporary visual artists and dance artists together to produce new work in collaboration. This meeting at the crossroads of creative expression and artistic practice reflects on the central thematic of IGNITE!, emphasising on the politics of the body – its form, identity and dissent.What ideas of composition, presence and articulation become the common points of conversation between these disciplines? How is rigour manifested in cross-disciplinary works, where the body 
negotiates a very different set of relationships with the spaces it inhabits? How does the coming together of these disciplines extend how we conceive of performance vocabularies and structures? The three pieces that we premiere as part of #INTERSECT venture into tropes of 
urban decay, co-existence and geometry, addressing these questions and considering space, the body and performance from varied perspectives of thinking and making.


16” = 1mile | 35 min
This performance is an interplay between notions of the body as a measure of space and form and the body as architecture. Based on mathematical formulae derived from mechanical engineering designs, approximate structures are created and recreated. These forms allow 
the body to intervene within a landscape of shifting architecture.

Performed by: Rajyashree Ramamurthi, Susanta Mandal
Sound: Colin Waurzyniak and Anirban Dutta
Photography and Video: Desmond Roberts
Light: Ankit Pandey

Deluge | 20 min
We envision an apocalyptic scenario, analogous through signs of decay that are prevalent within the city we live in. Positioning ourselves as urban explorers, we interrogate the daily dissent, highlighted strongly by the concrete mess of living within the nexus of a suffocating city, the uncouth damaged air, harsher climatic changes etc.The deluge is the reckoning, a complete annihilation, an unwavering end, a total wipe-out. Through an array of staged events, situated in these urban environments, against the backdrop of urban decay, we encounter these places as dancers, visualisers and visionaries.

Performed by: Rajan Rathore
Video/ Editing: Yashas Chandra
Soundscore: Vinny Bhagat
The Big Dream | 30 min
The Big Dream is where two dreamers meet. They explore their dreams from childhood and their day-to-day dreams. Dreams have vast implications.In this work, dreams are manifested through the medium of performance, in a collaboration between a visual artist and choreographer, accompanied by two performers. The piece is inspired by the artists’ most intimate dreams and David Lynch’s music album, 

‘The Big Dream’.
Performed by: Yengkokpam Purnima Devi, Laiphangbam Suraj Roy, Surjit Nongmeikapam
Sound design: Jaskaran Sandhu 

*PHOTO: Desmond Roberts

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