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Mumbai Local: 100 Years Of Classical Manipuri Dance

  • Mumbai, India
  • 09/07/2017
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Date: 9th July , 2017 
Time: 5:00PM Onwards
Venue: Dr.Bhau Daji Lad Museum Byculla E , Mumbai South 

How was the dance form of Manipuri born in India? How did it transform from a community practice into a classical dance form? What did its journey from Manipur to audiences across India entail? What does it have to do with the national movement? And why did four Gujarati sisters, led by their guru at the cusp of Indian independence, travel all the way to Manipur to embrace and learn this dance form? Mumbai Local is thrilled to invite Darshana Jhaveri - Manipuri dancer and guru - to Mumbai Local once again. The leading exponent of Manipuri dance in India and recipient of the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award as well as the Padma Shri, Darshana Jhaveri has been driven by her passion to "preserve, perpetuate and popularize" Manipuri dance across the country for over 50 years. Her deep knowledge of the form, with all its nuances and trajectories, is a veritable treasure trove. And it is one that you will have the delight of diving into at this session. Look forward to going on two incredible journeys. One, the hundred-year-old story of a dance form, and the other the thrilling adventures of a fearless, passionate dancer who, along with her sisters, was determined to find, embrace and master a dance that was not inherent to her culture. Soak in the tales that Manipuri dance has to tell, from its roots till today, shared by a dancer whose passion for it is unparalleled. Discover what it meant to be a dancer during the Indian national movement - the tremendous excitement, responsibility of it all. Share an evening with a legend, as Darshana Jhaveri tells us about her wonderful, gripping journey with Manipuri dance. Join on 9th July, 5 pm at Byculla (E). See you there!

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