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Shamanic Dance Event

  • Delhi/India
  • 28/11/2015
  • 1

We as humans live in mutual co-existence with other mammals, birds, insects, fish etc. from the animal kingdom. According to Shamanic teachings, we have many spirit animals with us acting as guides on our path. They take form of symbols, idols and also represent our own nature.

Dance Your Animal is a powerful six part dance process that allows us to connect with this spirit animal adding significant attributes to our journey. When we integrate with this inner force we will become one with its essence and will let it flow in the form of free spirited and ecstatic movements. As this intense experience is at its pinnacle we will take leave of this inner animal and express gratitude for its presence.

This is a dance event like no other, taking you to the very core of your being and allowing you to explode your inner journey.

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Contact: Samridhi



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