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Spotlight: The Chrysalis Project 2014

  • New Delhi, India
  • 10/09/2014
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Nudged gently to come out of its 'Chrysalis',
a butterfly with fierce and eager beating of its wings,
sets out to explore, learn, grow and follow its dreams.

As the name suggests, The Chrysalis Project, since its inception in 2010, has had one aim 'to help budding choreographers, through series of personal mentorship and workshops, to discover their own language of dance and choreography.'

But it is larger than just being a cocoon for young artists, feels Shohini Dutta, who dons many hats as the curator of the Chrysalis Project, Founder of the NGO - Friends of ART and the Asst Artistic Director of The Danceworx. She emphasizes on the need for choreographers and dancers to work together to create art larger than themselves, to go beyond the 'I' and create for the society. That is why the most important aspect of the Chrysalis Project is the public performance, through which works of these new artists are presented to the audience.

Introspection. Construction. Deconstruction.

A choreographer through these three elements seeks inspiration as much as from within as from the outside and breaks barriers, pushing and challenging themselves to put worth a work in front of an awe-stricken audience.

The second edition of the Contemporary Arts Week (a platform created by Friends of ART), an event spread over 10 days in Delhi-NCR showcasing contemporary performances across varied platforms ( film, dance, theater, puppetry, music, improvisation, slam poetry, clowning and the spoken word), starting this Saturday opens with the much loved and appreciated 'The Chrysalis Project 2014'.

This one is not to be missed!!

Mentored by Yuko Harada (The Danceworx) and Sheila Raj (France), get ready to be swoon by brilliant performances created by Riya Mandal, Chanda Sharma, Sanchita Sharma, Neha Sharma and Heemanshu Sharma.
Book your tickets now! We have already marked our calendar for the weekend.

The Chrysalis Project

Date: September 13th and 14th, 2014
Venue: India Habitat Center - Stein
Timing: 13th Sep, 8:15pm ; 14th Sep, 3:30pm/7:30pm
Entry: Ticketed Rs. 400/300/100
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Hope to see you there!

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