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Tales From Two Countries

  • New Delhi, India
  • 15/05/2017
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Date: Mon, 15th May 2017 
Time: 8PM
Hosted By: Performers' Consortium 
Venue: Sri Ram Centre, Central Delhi

At 'Tales from two countries' you would get to witness visceral poetry, ethereal musical expression combined with the grace, poise and emotions of dance and some never-before-seen art forms. This unison, of different but complimenting arts and narratives, translates into an experience of convergence that feels familiar, earthy and connected. These tales from South Africa and India woven by wordsmiths, transform into paradigms where they propel hope, break notions and defy norms that pit us against one another. The show comprises of the following Acts: OPENING PERFORMANCE THE WHISTLER PROJECT X THE PRINCE AND DANCE CREW The Whistler Project is a musical experiment emerging from the obscure french art of Sifflement de la langue, practiced by the multi-disciplinary artist Manu Sriram Kamath. ACT 1 DIVYA DUREJA PROJECT Divya Dureja Project, written, conceptualised, directed and performed by the international spoken word poet, Divya Dureja, is an exploration of life, with its highs, lows and in-betweens, in a society going through seismic changes. ACT 2 DARSHAN UVHONA PROJECTING GODS Darshan - Projecting Gods, performed by Dr. Manola K. Gayatri, is a story about a pilgrimage to see and be seen by gods and a story about a voyage to other countries. Countries of the self and countries of the other. It is also a story about the strange gods amidst us - the alien gods and the travelling gods. It asks us questions about how we see each other and how we see the self in the other. ACT 3 BLACK BOI BE Black Boi Be, written and performed by Xabiso Vili is at the forefront of cutting edge poetical theatre. Combining age old theatre traditions with burgeoning and modern spoken word, it employs artistic devices not normally seen collaborating together. It pushes the grain in not only what theatre can be but also in what spoken word performances are. Using multiple disciplines and multimedia, Black Boi Be delivers a one man show that keeps the audience, entertained, attentive and constantly surprised. The images are, without a doubt, powerful and provocative and work with text to deliver a versatile, intriguing and touching story. The Showcase is access friendly. It will be Signed by a Professional Sign Language Interpreter. The Venue of The Showcase is Access Friendly. The premises has ramp and elevator/lift installed to meet the accessibility needs of those requiring assistance.

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