Thats Dancing - A Review
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Thats Dancing - A Review

  • New Delhi, India
  • 25/01/2016
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In life as in Dance: Grace glides on blistered feet. - Alice Abrams 

'That's Dancing' is a compilation of two pieces, 'Amaara' and 'Chambers' choreographed by the Indian Australian choreographer, Ashley Lobo. 

Ashley trained in the Bodenweiser Dance Centre and the renowned Sydney Dance Company in classical ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles, exhibited his versatility admirably in these two compilations. 

AMAARA- a journey of love, is an abstract contemporary dance show, which was first premiered in India on the 27th of March 2015 in Mumbai. As Ashley Lobo says, Amaara has a very clear thought and connect from the start to the end; instead of putting it into a story format he puts it into an abstract form for the audience to venture and find their own meaning to it. This is a new form of global dance introduced in India- the modern abstract. 

Amaara strays form nothing and ends at nothing but has something that flabbergasted the audience 


Jazz form of dance that was originated in the 1950's is associated with connecting the audience with the perfect technique and fines of the performers. 

Chambers was a Hot Jazz piece put together by Ashley Lobo and his fellow choreographers with a little twist in the formation of the style. Unlike jazz, Chambers was a modern abstract form of jazz which was again left for he imagination of the audience to interpret.  

The piece revolved around the concept of being ensnared in your own mind by the inevitable addiction of smoking. This imminent addiction was depicted with lust and strength. There is a fine line between seduction and shoddiness which Ashley did not cross. 
The piece had a man with a cigarette all long and revolved around as to how even after quitting it for a minute he picked up that cigarette and gave it the power to kill him again. 

In the middle of the piece there was a section in which 8 girls stole hearts of the 600 people seated in the audience with there attitude, lust, strength and elegance. They swept the floor with the perfection in there techniques. 

In this piece Ashley used live lighting in which the lights were spotted on the performers by their fellow performers themselves on the stage. The props were complimenting the theme in the best way possible. The creative use of the lights and props astonished the audience completely. 

Even though the piece started with the announcement of not hooting the audience couldn't control themselves. The chamber of lust and addiction ended with goosebumps and cheers all around. The hall echoed with the standing ovation of an audience of 600 people. 

Do we watch this show? 

Definitely, this show isn't the usual entertaining show we find on Bollywood numbers. It's a show of international level with a dream to make India global in every sense. This show is like black coffee for the Indian audience, the taste of which isn't natural to them, but eventually they develop a fondness for it. 

That's Dancing is truly a tick on every persons list. 

The Dance Bible Correspondent

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