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  • New Delhi, India
  • 03/08/2017
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Date: Aug 3, 2017
Time: 7pm
Hosted By: Aranyani and Vyuti
Venue: Stein Auditorium, Indian Habitat Centre, Delhi

Vyuti Dance Company presents a performance of exploratory Bharatanatyam by Aranyani and the Vyuti dancers.
Vyuti was conceived by Aranyani, Artistic Director of Vyuti Dance Company in 2013, during a period of research and introspection about the solo and group dynamics of classical dance. Experimenting with the idea of multiple bodies performing Bharatanatyam together, Vyuti aimed to explore the possibilities of interaction between these moving bodies. Without compromising on the form, technique or vocabulary Bharatanatyam, Vyuti was conceived to push the boundaries of what was possible within group work in a classical Indian dance idiom.
And thus the idea of Vyuti was born...

Inspired by all the various journeys Aranyani had ventured on - classical dance, contemporary dance and an academic engagement with dance - Vyuti, which means 'weave', sought to challenge existing notions of group work in classical dance through eye contact, bodily touch and interweaving bodies. Questioning the reputation of classical dance as becoming stagnant and irrelevant, Vyuti also emerged out of a need to display the inherent modernity within the classical form of Bharatanatyam.

In 2014, Vyuti materialized into a functioning group of like-minded dancers when Aswathy Manoharan, Priya Kaul and Tony Pius joined as Vyuti's core team and work began. 

Vyuti had its debut performance titled 'The Vyuti Margam' at Shoonya, Bangalore in March 2016. It now consists of Artistic Director, Aranyani and dancers -Aswathy Manoharan, Tony Pius, Preeja Mahendran, Madhumanti Bannerjee, Sanjana Prasad and Atmica Reddy.

Vyuti will perform its body of existing work which includes four pieces - Natyarambha, Viharati, Antaram and Revati.

Aranyani will also be presenting some of her solo work in this performance.

Concept and choreography - Aranyani
Dancers - Aranyani, Aswathy Manoharan, Kirsten Newell, Madhumanthi Bannerjee, Preeja Mahendran, Tony Aloysius Pius
Music - Sudha Raghuraman, G Raghuraman, G Elangovan, MV Chandrasekhar, Priya Purushottam, Jyolsna Panicker, Praveen Narayan
Lights - Gautam Bhattacharya

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