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Dance Style

What is the best dance type suitable for girls to stay fit?

Dance Addiction

Dance is an addiction.


Is Salsa helpful for keeping the body fit and healthy?

Indian Classical Dance Vs Western Dance

I just wanna know what your preference classical or western?

Is Dancing Best Form Of Exercise

Is dancing best form of exercise?

Dancing Is Good For Your Health. Do You Agree?

Dance and health - lets discuss how both are connected.

How Can We Utilise This Natural Form Of Art To ...

Today youngsters are facing two major health issues. 1. Obesity 2.Pain. How can dance be the alternative to exercise for those who don't want to join gym or feel its boring.Today we sit most of the time with our books or with computers/mobiles. ...

Does Dance Really Heal The Soul?

Do you really think that dance like poetry can heal a soul?


What everyone has to say about this? Commercializing dance kills the innovation and scope of creativity in it or it enhances and empowers the dancers to take it as a profession.

Why Do You Dance ?

Hello Dancers, let the world know why you love dancing more than anything else..

Which Is Your Favorite Dance Style And Why ?

I Love Jazz, contemporary, hip hop and ballet. All of them give me a purpose to dance.

Hard-work Or Smart-work ?

Does it require hard work or smart work to be a good dancer.