Professional Black Ballet Canvas Shoes

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Light weight, perfect fit, soft ballet canvas shoes are a must have for ballet dancers, jazz dancers, gymnastics, practicing yoga.


  • Soft and breathable, these canvas ballet shoes are perfect for young dancers for dance class, gymnastic exercise, yoga, stage performance etc.
  • A must have for every ballet dancer. These soft sole canvas ballet shoes are high in comfort, durability and fit. Perfect to use in ballet class and normal practice.
  • Specially designed for ballet,dance,yoga,and other gymnastic activities. The 2 crossover straps allows you to move freely and keeps you in form while practicing.
  • High quality suede leather outsole, soft breathable insole. Cotton insoles to improve the comfort of the shoes, softness, avoid rigid insole foot injury, foot better care.
  • Kids 16 cms feet length = EU 23/ 6.29 inch,
    Kids 17 cms feet length = EU 25/ 6.69 inch, 
    Kids 18 cms feet length = EU 27/ 7.08 inch, 
    Kids 19 cms feet length = EU 29/ 7.48 inch, 
    Kids 20 cms feet length = EU 31/ 7.87 inch, 
    Adult 21 cms feet length = EU 33/ 8.26 inch, 
    Adult 22 cms feet length = EU 35/ 8.66 inch, 
    Adult 23 cms feet length = EU 37/ 9.05 inch, 
    Adult 24 cms feet length = EU 39/ 9.48 inch,
    Adult 25 cms feet length = EU 41/ 9.84 inch,
    Adult 26 cms feet length = EU 43/ 10.23 inch,
    Adult 27 cms feet length = EU 45/ 10.62 inch.

  • Color: Black
  • Wash:Hand wash with mild detergent and air dry
  • Package includes: 1 pair of ballet slippers
  • Our guarantee: We promise to deliver happiness. We supply a 100% money back guarantee, so please send any replacement or refund request if you are not satisfied.
  • We know you love dancing and we only hope the bond between the two of you blooms more and more with time. It is our constant effort to bring you closer to this art form and we hope this little product helps you do just that!     
    ~ The Dance Bible

  • Outsole material - Soft sole
  • Insole material - PU (*PU - very durable double density polyurethane sole). 
  • Upper material - Canvas
  • Lining material - cotton fabric.
  • Size Chart: PLEASE MEASURE the length of bare foot and check this size chart before order:

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