Diya - Lightening up Lives | Interview with Preeti Khetan
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Diya - Lightening Up Lives

Preeti Khetan

Dance Fun is a dance based organisation started in 2011 by Ms. Preeti Khetan with the firm belief that learning can be made fun and through dance one can spread around many joyous smiles.

They not only impart technical dance training in various styles such as Jazz, Bollywood, Contemporary, Urban Hip hop and Zumba but the organisation largely believes in giving back to the society.

As part of social responsibility, Dance Fun is coming up with a project - “Diya - Lightening up Lives” to impart dance education free of cost to children who love to dance but are unable to learn due to various economical or other issues.

We talk to Preeti today, getting to know more about her organisation and this wonderful initiative.

Q: You started Dance Fun in 2011 with the intention of combining dance knowledge with oodles of fun. What inspired you to start Dance Fun?

A: As a student I have always enjoyed Dancing which is incomplete without passion and when it comes to training kids I wanted to introduce it as an activity which they will enjoy throughout their life and that's the reason I combined dance knowledge with Fun. I believe knowledge is something that should be shared so that thought of sharing my knowledge inspired me to start Dance Fun.


Q: Today Dance Fun is bringing a fantastic initiative forward with their project, Diya - Lightening up the life, where you intend to impart dance knowledge free of cost to many children belonging to economically weaker sections of the society. Do tell us more.

A: I have always dreamt of teaching the kids who are hungry to learn and dance but not able to get this education due to money problem. Their parents can't even think of spending money on their dance education.due to which the dreams of these kids get buried somewhere. Especially EWS (economically weaker sections) kids are much more  talented and value training than the kids coming from well off families. Now when life is giving me a chance to fulfill the dreams of these kids which is my dream itself I have come up with “Diya LIGHTEN UP LIVES’ .  Hopefully Dance Fun can bring a smile on the faces of these kids with our small effort


Q: Giving back to the society has always been a prime motive for Dance Fun. Last year you gave a Free Dance Workshop to around 100 students of NGO named Sadrag in Noida. How was that experience?

A: Workshop at NGO was a beautiful experience. That feeling can only be felt and difficult to be expressed in words.  We gave workshop to more than 100 students and to our surprise 10 kids came out as a surprise and we gave them a chance to perform in Dance Fun’s annual stage show 2015


Q: You were felicitated with the respectful "VIJAYA AWARD" at "Astitva Mujhse Meri Pehchan" , an event for Celebrating Womanhood. Tell us as a woman, what does dance, art mean to you and how has it changed your life?

A: I worship dancing and I am really thankful to Astitva for this facilitation. Since childhood I have always enjoyed dancing in family functions but taking it up as a career or profession never came to my mind. I started my dancing career in 2011 and after that never looked back. Many women give up on their dreams of becoming a dancer because of their hesitations or other family issues but I believe dance is an art and dancers are artists which should be given respect . I am really happy getting respect from the society as an artist and an achiever.


Q: Each and everyone has the power within us to bring about a positive change in society. Any last thoughts you would like to share with our readers, how can they become part of your humble initiative?

A: ‘Diya LIGHTEN UP LIVES’ is an initiative to bring happiness in the life of EWS of the society. We at Dance Fun just want the society to help us in sharing and spreading a word about this free dance education. Your single effort can help a child smile. It's only us who can bring a change with our efforts.

Thank you Preeti for this great initiative. And The Dance Bible team wishes you the very best in this endeavour.


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