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Head To Goa For A Wholesome Artistic Experience - Omaggio International Dance Festival

Peeya Rai Choudhuri | Omaggio Performing Company

Omaggio was founded in 2013 by European Artistic Director and Choreographer Tino Sanchez and former VJ/Actress Peeya Rai Choudhuri in Goa, India. Omaggio is a unique performing Company comprising of 10 multi-skilled Indian artists. Tino specialises in creating performances blending contemporary Dance with Aerial circus arts and mime theatre storytelling. Omaggio is clearly one of its kind and pioneering in this form of performance art, opening a new wave of live entertainment and original uplifting multi skilled theatre.

All over the world there are companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Seven fingers, Cirque Eloise and more... which have created a special niche for audiences to enjoy and completely engross themselves in a dream like world through live performances. This is the same mark that Omaggio aims to make in the new India.

High entertainment, never seen before Live Performance Art to a new type of and ever growing young theatre audience. Bringing the youth of India to the theatre for intimate experiential shows.

This 9-10-11th February, Omaggio is inviting artists to their space for a whole artistic experience, at the Omaggio Goa International Dance Festival. From dance workshops taken by international faculties in Contemporary, Modern, Contact Improvisation, Aerial Arts, Yoga etc, to experimental performances and Dance screenings and seminars, Omaggio is offering the best of the best for dancers in a nurturing space surrounded by nature.

We spoke to  Peeya, to know more about the festival and how dancers can evolve at Omaggio.


What inspired you to start the Omaggio Goa International Dance Festival? What can the audience expect?

The feeling that we have everyday working in such an inspirational space. We find ourselves at our creative best, as the environment around is so appealing and conducive. This brought a sense that we wanted to share this experience with young dancers, artists and dance enthusiasts from different cities of India and the world.  We have been 5 years developing our craft as a professional dance company and now we are at the phase where to truly become evolved artists...sharing of the arts and communication with other artists is essential. That's why we decided to create a festival with extremely affordable rates, allowing one and all to take part in this collective.

The audience can expect  3 days of invaluable multi disciplinary training methods. And an experience to step out of the box in stunning surroundings and nurturing faculty.


This is the first time the space, Memorial Maya, is being opened to artists. Your center is right in the midst of nature, are your workshops taking inspiration from the space itself?

Memorial Maya has been created as a platform for artists, entrepreneurs and anyone with a vision and message, to be able to freely express themselves.  It is the epicenter of the Festival and all performances will take place in this open air amphitheatre.

Yes, the seminar in Mindfulness, Yoga and Lab work Choreography class will all be integrated within this open air, natural space. The feeling to be on a stage in the midst of trees will be something amazing to take home in the memories of the audience.

In our experience, nature provides a magical setting which really brings out the best in one’s artform.



How challenging is it to organize such an event? Any struggles that you faced during the planning or implementation phase?

The challenge is mainly in the marketing of the festival as we do not have academies with lots of students and branches in the cities. We run a beautiful but simple center here in Goa. This separates us a bit and not so many people know of the international quality and level that we produce.  


Please share the details of the festival. Any do(s) and don’t(s) that the dancers should keep in mind?

The festival will start on the 9th of Feb till 11th Feb and classes, seminars, movie screening, performances etc... will range all day through the 3 days.

Everyday from 10am to 7pm with a special treat on the last evening.

It's not just about workshops and classes,it's going to be an overall artistic and learning gathering . Something unique for 2018.

Dancers should carry comfortable clothes and expect to change few times during the day. For many, aerial will be a first time so bear in mind that it will be introductory and mainly to create a genuine interest in the art form. Also a challenge for those with some prior experience.

Lab work and choreography creation with Tino Sanchez is where the dancers learn how to listen to your body as it teaches you to choreograph yourself, develop skills in movement and then perform your routine on the 3rd day in front of an audience at MEMORIAL MAYA.


What are the future plans of Omaggio?

Omaggio is currently in the middle of our India tour of our new production, Jalika, performing in  Mumbai on 16th and 17th Feb and then in New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune ….

Also 2019 we have commitments in festivals abroad.

And  developing  residency programs here in Goa for international artists.

Dancers, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Head to Goa for a wholesome artistic experience at Omaggio International Dance Festival! At such an affordable price you are going to learn from the best of the best in an nurturing and loving surrounding! Here's a glimpse of an aerial rehersal at Omaggio, to inspire you further!


9-10-11th February 2018
INR.3000 for 3 days
Contact 8691850104 for more information.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Omaggio-Goa-International-Dance-Festival-1531683440247154/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/omaggio_goa/

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