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Mosaic Of Dance Competition - Interview With Galina Lyakhova

Galina Lyakhova

The Dance Bible is always ears on the up and coming dance events in India. And dance event and dance completion that gives platform to young dancers in the country has our support and our goodwill.

We recently spoke to Galina Lyakhova, the Director of the School of Russian Classical Ballet, in New Delhi.

How did the idea of Mosaic of Dance emerge? What prompted you to start such a kind of ballet competition for emerging artists?

I have been nurturing the idea of organizing such competition since 2013, but at that time I was not able to execute it. Only when I opened my own ballet school (Russian Classical Ballet school) and met likeminded people who supported me, I was able to fulfill my dream. The idea behind such competition is to promote Ballet in India and introduce Indian people to this beautiful dance form and to bring together dancers from different schools and cities and give them a platform where they can showcase their talent, learn from others, gain new exposure and experience.

How is it different from other such competitions in India?

It is the first competition of such kind in India. There are a lot of festivals and competitions in India that promote other dance forms but there is no Ballet competition as such. It is the first Ballet competition in India which makes it unique. Also, this is a very transparent and honest competition because teachers of dance schools whose students register for participation in Mosaic of Dance are not allowed to judge them; our Judges panel has no connection to the dancers which makes their judging unbiased. We have a very professional Judges panel who understand the technique and other aspects of the performing arts and who already achieved a lot in their fields.

How far do you think India has come as far as appreciating and understanding the International Dances? How much further do we still have to go?

India loves dancing! India has rich dance and music traditions that is why Western dance, including Ballet, is gaining more and more popularity among Indian youth. India is also witnessing rapid development not only economically but culturally as well. For every development, it is important to be more open and receptive towards new things and competitions such as Mosaic of dance are instrumental in supporting such development.

Do you feel such competitions help motivate young dancers or the titles of winning and losing are in a way a hindrance in the spirit of dancing?

I like to quote Nelson Mandela: “I never lose: I either win or I learn”. In competitions like this the process is the prize. It’s true. The process of setting a goal and working on something is valuable. Dancers gain experience and exposure, get motivated to work hard and improve their skills, learn new things. The mere participation in such competition is an opportunity for every dancer to test his capability, to overcome his fears and hesitance and emerge more confident and strong. Finally, managing the stress of a competition can teach you a lot about yourself—a valuable lesson as your career progresses.

The idea behind this competition is not making Indian Ballet schools compete and prove which one is better. No! The idea is to bring these schools together, to make them partners in spreading awareness about this beautiful dance form and its health benefits among the Indian people.


What future plans does the school/institute hold for the advancement of Classical Ballet in India?

Our future plans for Mosaic of Dance include expansion of geography of the competition, attracting more talent, finding new interesting Jury members. This year we introduced workshops for all competitors which will also allow them to have the maximum gain from participating in Mosaic of Dance. And there is a dream to take this competition to the international level so that it is appreciated and respected by the world dance community.

And may this dream come true.

If you haven’t registered for this competition yet, do it now! It is a brilliant opportunity to hone your craft and brush shoulders with the many talented young dancers in the country.

Last date of registration is 15th August 2017. All details can be found on Mosaic of Dance Facebook page.

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