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How Visual and Performing Arts Shape a Dancer

The Arts are divided in two categories - visual and performance. The visual arts are a way of expressing feeling, emotion, opinion

How to Learn Any Choreography Faster

There are different ways of understanding a choreography. Beginners dancer learns choreography in a slightly different way than th

What is the appropriate age for a child to start learning dance - A discussion

I have been a dance teacher for 10 years and in my teaching experience it is much more difficult to handle a kids batch than an ad

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The Latination Tour by Dance Design

Mumbai, India


Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts - Tridha

Mumbai, India


World Dance Day, 2017-No Boundaries

Mumbai, India


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Making Indian Classical

With : Nehha Bhatnagar

Meet Svetlana Tulasi,

With : Svetlana Tulasi

Diya - Lightening Up

With : Preeti Khetan

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