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Paving the way for quality dance education, Interview with the founders of TR Dance Company

Spreading the art is one thing, but spreading it in the right way is all that matters. Quality dance education has become a need o

The Do's And Don'ts of Partner Dance

Partner dance does not necessarily means salsa/latin dance forms. Partner dance is also done in ballet and contemporary. Many yout

What Haunts a Dancer ?

“No pain, no gain” ; “break a leg” ; “best of luck” - all these and more remarks are showered upon us since auditions,

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New Delhi, India


Dance Dhamaka – Latkas, Matkas & Jhatkas

New Delhi, India


Annual Kathak Baithak

New Delhi, India


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Diya - Lightening Up

With : Preeti Khetan

Individualistic Movements

With : Radhika Prabhu

Unique Expressions

With : Roni Koresh

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