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5 Successful Tips to Manage a Dance Studio

Whether you have been running a studio for some time now or are newbie in it, you will agree that it is fun, but also a pain in th

Top 10 Dance Movies that will inspire you to Dance

Dancing brings a smile to our faces. We watch dance and get inspired, to perform. What else inspires us besides dancing? Movies! W

10 Things You Should Know About Hip Hop Culture in India

Hip Hop culture is the coolest trend all over the world. Indians have embraced it and welcomed it just like another ‘bro’. And

Upcoming Dance Events

HIP HOP BIGGIE by Ian Eastwood and Reet Roy

Delhi and Mumbai


Natya Ballet Dance Festival

New Delhi, India


Nrityalaya Cultural Festival of Dance and Music

Mumbai, India


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Diya - Lightening Up

With : Preeti Khetan

Individualistic Movements

With : Radhika Prabhu

Unique Expressions

With : Roni Koresh

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